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OakNorth Recruitment

Job Role: Front-End Developer

Qualification:  Bachelors / Masters Degree

Experience: 3+ years 

Batch: 2024 / 2023 / 2022 / 2021

Salary: up to ₹23 LPA

Job Location: Bangalore 

Last Date: ASAP

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The role

  • Have a strong technical background, including 6+ years of experience designing and engineering large scale systems. 
  • Have 3+ years of experience using a JS framework in production, ideally React 
  • Measure your success in terms of business impact, not lines of code 
  • Internalise the best ideas from across the organisation, humbly setting a vision that others can get behind 
  • Embrace DevOps culture: You build it, you run it 
  • Work well cross-functionally and earn trust from co-workers at all levels 
  • Care deeply about mentorship and growing your colleagues 
  • Prefer simple solutions and designs over complex ones 
  • Enjoy working with a diverse group of people with different areas of expertise. 
  • You challenge the existing approach when you see the cliff edge racing towards us, but also get on board once the options have been debated and the team has made a decision 
  • You’re comfortably organised amongst chaos 
  • You’re a broad thinker and have the capability to see the potential impact of decisions across the wider business 



  • We’re pragmatic about our technology choices. These are some of the things we use at the moment: 
  • TypeScript, React, styled-components
  • Python, NodeJS
  • PostgreSQL, BigQuery, MySQL
  • Jest, React Testing Library, Cypress, pytest 
  • AWS, GCP
  • Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, GitHub, CircleCI

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How we expect you to work

  • We expect you to work in these ways, as well as encouraging and enabling these practices from others: 
  • Collaborate 💬 – We work in cross-functional, mission driven, autonomous squads that gel over time. We pair program to work better through shared experience and knowledge. 
  • Focus on outcomes over outputs ✅ – Solving a problem for users that translates to business results is our goal. Measurements focused on that goal help us to understand if we are succeeding. 
  • Practice continuous improvement 💡 – We optimise for feedback now, rather than presume what might be needed in the future and introduce complexity before it will be used. This means we learn faster. We share learnings in blame-free formats, so that we do not repeat things that have failed, but still have confidence to innovate. 
  • Seek to understand our users 👂 – We constantly seek understanding from data and conversations to better serve our users’ needs, taking an active part in research to hear from them directly and regularly. 
  • Embrace and enable continuous deployment 🤖 – Seamless delivery of changes into an environment – without manual intervention – is essential for us to ensure that we are highly productive; consider resiliency; and practice security by design. 
  • Test outside-in, test first 🚦 – TDD keeps us confident in moving fast, and deploying regularly. We want to solve user problems, and so we test with that mindset – writing scenarios first, then considering our solution; coupling tests to behaviour, rather than implementation. 
  • You build it, you run it ⚙️ – We embrace DevOps culture and end-to-end ownership of products and features. Every engineer, regardless of their role, has the opportunity to lead delivery of features from start to finish. 
  • Be cloud native ☁️ – We leverage automation and hosted services to deliver resilient, secure services quickly and consistently. Where SaaS tools help us achieve more productivity and better quality results for a cheap price, we use these to automate low value tasks. 

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How we expect you to behave

  • We embrace difference and know that when we can be ourselves at work, we are happier, more motivated and creative. We want to be able to bring our whole selves to work, have our own perspectives and know that we belong. As such, through your behaviours at work, we expect you to reflect and actively sustain a healthy engineering environment that looks like this: 
  • A wide range of voices heard to the benefit of all 
  • Teams that are clearly happy, engaged, and laugh together 
  • Perceivable safety to have an opinion or ask a question 
  • No egos – people listen to and learn from others at all levels, with strong opinions held loosely 

What makes working here better

  • A flexible, India/UK hybrid team with a dedicated newly built Bangalore office (3 days WFO, 2 days WFH) 
  • Work-life balance – Generous leave package and 10 mandatory/preferred holidays. 
  • Competitive salary   
  • Good kit – Developer Grade MacBook Pro. 
  • Team socials – The opportunity to get to know each other outside of work.  
  • Insurance coverage – Medical Insurance coverage for self, family, and parents. Term insurance and personal accidental insurance for self. 

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How to Apply For OakNorth In 2024?

Dreaming of a OakNorth career. Follow these simple steps to apply for their 2024 opportunities:

  • Click Apply Here: Head straight to the OakNorth career page using the button below.
  • Start Your Application: Hit Apply to begin.
  • Register or Login: Create an account if youre new, or login if youre already registered.
  • Complete the Form: Fill in all required details accurately.
  • Upload Documents: Submit your resume and any other requested documents.
  • Review and Verify: Doublecheck all information before submitting.
  • Submit: Hit submit and take a step closer to your dream career.


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